Staff Highlight: Kemoi, Beach Boy

Get To Know The Beach Boy: Kemoi

Meet Kemoi, our beach waiter at Catherine’s Café! With his warm smile and attentive service, Kemoi ensures that every guest has an unforgettable experience sur la plage.

One of Kemoi’s most cherished moments was when he made a diner’s birthday truly special. “I remember this guest’s birthday,” Kemoi recalls. “We surprised her with a birthday plate, treats, and singing. We captured the moment with photos on the company device. She wasn’t expecting the extra thought and her big smile and warm hug made it all worth it.”

When asked about his secret to ensuring unforgettable experiences, Kemoi emphasizes the importance of a friendly greeting and personalized service. “I always welcome guests with a smile and introduce myself. It’s about making them feel comfortable and ensuring they get the most out of their visit,” he shares.

For Kemoi, the beachfront setting is a source of joy and tranquility. “The lovely scenery, the fresh warm breeze, and the view – it’s all magical,” he enthuses. “I don’t get that where I live, so I appreciate it even more.”

As the final point of contact for guests, Kemoi understands the significance of his role in shaping the ambiance of Catherine’s Café. “Whether guests dine inside or on the beach, I strive to provide the best experience possible,” he explains. “I become the last person they see before they leave, so I want to ensure I leave a lasting impression.”

Next time you visit Catherine’s Café, keep an eye out for Kemoi – he’s ready to make your beachside experience truly unforgettable. 

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